Blue Working - Espace coworking sur le Sud de la Martinique (espace de travail, salle de réunion)
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Blue Working is not just a coworking space for independent professionals and entrepreneurs, it is the meeting point of our growing community and a springboard to accelerate your business.
Whether you’re looking for inspiration, advice, partnerships or investment, joining our community will help lead you in the right direction.

BlueWorkers are entrepreneurs and professionals of all kinds who share a passion for remote work and a digital nomad lifestyle. Our community is for remote workers who wish to connect with other like-minded, creative individuals and be supported by each other.

Our goal is to establish a creative environment for entrepreneurs, startups, digital nomads as well as established companies.

0696 08 90 37
Port de Plaisance, 
Bassin tortue,
97290 Le Marin

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